The power of design can inspire action and create change.


Effective design begins with clear conceptual development based on well defined communications challenges and goals. Working with the client and creative team, we build a strategy for success, developing the creative and art direction that guide design and content creation to achieve the desired outcomes. Projects follow a critical path that typically starts with research, conceptual development and definition of style in a design brief.

The brief informs the development of the initial and comprehensive mock-ups, including typography, layout, illustration and photography styles. Once overall direction is determined, the concept, tone, and design are refined and rigorously applied to ensure that they are implemented consistently in all related communications.


A company’s brand expresses its identity. A brand represents the heart and soul of the organization. It communicates character and competence. It projects essence and protects value. And it reflects how employees, customers, investors and competitors feel about your company. 

We help you develop and implement your brand identity to ensure that it becomes a continuous opportunity to make and maintain an outstanding first impression.


Print will always be able to do things that digital media never will, and vice versa. We say vive la difference. Print’s enduring tactile appeal and versatility in application continue to make it an effective medium for those designers who understand how to play to its strengths.

At the same time, we apply unchanging design principles to the ever-changing demands of the digital domain. We can help you connect visually more effectively via print or the web. The intent always remains the same: to use design to inform, inspire and instruct with instant, elegant efficiency.


What your audience sees is as critical as what they hear. The visuals that support what you say in presentations can amplify – or undercut – your brand image. Effective presentation design integrates your brand elements – logo, colour, style and typefaces – to ensure consistent on-brand delivery of your message with maximum impact. 

Custom PowerPoint or Keynote presentations harmonize with all your print and online collateral, enabling the audience to easily identify your message – and commitment to quality in all you do.

Each project calls for a unique set of talents and skills. We’re fortunate to work with a trusted team of creative professionals developed over the past 20 years.


Coordinating the diverse tasks required for a visual communications project is vital to success. Typically, this includes consultation and project management, developing concepts and project direction, sourcing talent for specific requirements, supervising outside services, obtaining approvals, and reviewing schedules and budgets on an ongoing basis.

Our clients come to value the confidence they enjoy knowing that their reliance on the firm is well founded. The Studio’s long experience in managing multiple complex projects supports that confidence. Sound planning, clear priorities and scheduling, regular consultation and plain hard work are critical to producing the results desired.


Production includes preparing all necessary materials to create final product deliverables. Intermittent and final proofs are provided for review and final sign off – and precise electronic file preparation for print.

Print management is critical to the success of final deliverables. We provide print specifications to reputable printers, manage competitive print quotes, review all printers proofs, and attend press approvals – to ensure that the highest attention to detail is maintained throughout every step of the design process.


Even the most accurate photograph struggles to communicate with the depth and nuance that an illustration easily achieves. By its very nature an illustration speaks in a distinct voice, and can express with endless invention almost any mood or idea. 

We work with talented illustrators with sound business sense to help tell your story in a way that no one could imitate.


Some 60 percent of people are visual learners. As the world becomes more complex and data driven, the ability to design information so that people can understand it at a glance is becoming increasingly valuable.

Belanger Design Studio can help your organization tell complex stories by using the principles of information design to express your data in simple, accessible solutions –for print and digital.


Well chosen words can make the impact of any image more profound, more persuasive and more powerful. As attention spans continue to shrink, choosing those few words becomes more critical.

Belanger Design Studio has established long-standing relationships with writers and editors skilled in using words to tell our clients’ stories so their audiences get the complete picture.